San Antonio Youth Commission

The San Antonio Youth Commission is comprised of 22 student members, all of which shall be voting members. Two (2) members are chosen from each Council District, and the Mayor selects two (2) at-large student members. Members must be students from local high schools. The goals and objectives of the Commission are to respond to current situations affecting young persons and to develop solutions for problems. The Youth Commission further works toward unifying the youth of San Antonio into a positive force for the good of the community. The operational year for the Youth Commission is from August to May. Meetings are held once a month on Sundays at 2:00 PM in the City Hall Media Briefing Room, 100 Military Plaza. Special meetings are called as needed. For more information, please visit:

Liaison: Adam Tutor - (210) 871-3649

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Miss LOLA M. CARROLADistrict 103/05/201505/31/2015
Miss MADELINE NICOLE JIMENEZDistrict 109/12/201305/31/2015
Miss MADELINE DELAGARZADistrict 210/30/201405/31/2015
Miss ALYSSA M. NEWTONDistrict 209/11/201405/31/2015
Mr. RYAN A. FLORESDistrict 310/09/201405/31/2015
VACANCYDistrict 3  05/31/2015
Mr. ISAIAH E. AGUILARDistrict 401/29/201505/31/2015
Mr. RICARDO A. PEREZDistrict 410/02/201405/31/2015
Mr. JOSHUA A. DIAZDistrict 510/09/201405/31/2015
Miss SARAH D. TOVARDistrict 506/26/201405/31/2015
Mr. DAVON NUNNDistrict 608/16/201205/31/2015
Mr. ANDREW J. SALAZARDistrict 609/01/201105/31/2015
Mr. LUIS A. HERNANDEZDistrict 708/21/201405/31/2015
Miss CERINA MEDINADistrict 710/10/201305/31/2015
Ms. STEPHANIE LUNDSTROMDistrict 808/01/201305/31/2015
Ms. PRESLEY E.R. PRICEDistrict 808/01/201305/31/2015
Miss KATHRYN E. FARLEYDistrict 910/03/201305/31/2015
Miss ELIZABETH M. GREERDistrict 908/07/201405/31/2015
Mr. PATRYCK Z. BANKSDistrict 1008/21/201405/31/2015
Miss PAIGE E. JOHNSONDistrict 1009/04/201405/31/2015
Miss MADELINE Y. CARROLAMayoral09/12/201305/31/2015
Miss JOSEPHINE P. GARZAMayoral09/11/201405/31/2015

Total Members for San Antonio Youth Commission: 22 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version