Ethics Review Board

The Ethics Review Board is comprised of 11 members appointed by the Mayor and each City Councilmember for staggered two-year terms. In May 2004, the City Charter was amended to establish an independent Ethics Review Board with jurisdiction over the City Ethics Code and the Municipal Campaign Finance Regulations. Members must be residents of the City and have good moral character. No member of the Board shall be: a salaried City official or employee; an elected public official; a candidate for elected public office; an officer of a political party; a campaign treasurer, campaign manager, officer or other policy or decision-maker for the campaign of any candidate for elected public office; a campaign treasurer, campaign manager, officer or other policy or decision-maker for any political action committee as defined in the Texas Election Code; a member of any City Board or Commission other than the Ethics Review Board; a member of any board or commission for which the position is appointed by City Council; or a lobbyist required to register under Division 5 of the Ethics Code. No member of the Board shall have any convictions for a felony or a crime of moral turpitude, or found in violation of any provisions of the City’s Code of Ethics. The Commission meets as necessary in the Municipal Plaza Building "C" Room, 114 W. Commerce, usually at 6:00 PM.

Liaison: Rosalinda Diaz - (210) 207-7021

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Mr. DAVID A ARMENDARIZDistrict 112/13/201204/25/2015
Ms. DOLORES M. LOTT (RESIGNED)District 204/14/200504/25/2011
Mr. RUBEN J. DE LEONDistrict 312/19/201304/25/2016
Mr. AUGUST STEPHEN JOHNSON (RESIGNED)District 404/14/200504/25/2012
Ms. MAGDALENA B. ALVARADODistrict 510/09/201404/25/2015
Ms. LINDA M. JACKSONDistrict 611/21/201304/25/2016
Mr. BURKE C. MAROLDDistrict 703/07/201304/25/2014
Mr. CHARLES "CHUCK" PAUL SAXERDistrict 812/04/200804/25/2013
Mr. SAM D. MILLSAPDistrict 901/09/201404/25/2015
Mr. DONALD H. FLANARYDistrict 1009/11/201404/25/2015
Ms. MARISA BONO (RESIGNED)Mayoral03/07/201304/25/2016

Total Members for Ethics Review Board: 11 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version