Employee Management Committee

The Employee-Management Committee was established on August 26, 2004, and amended the City Code of the City of San Antonio by adding a new Division to Article IV (Equal Opportunity and Employee Relations), Chapter 2, in order to provide a consultation process for management and employees to discuss issues and concerns related to employment conditions. The Employee-Management Committee consists of the following: one (1) representative from each registered employee organization; one (1) city employee member from each registered employee organization; one (1) representative from the City Manager’s Office; one (1) representative from the Human Resources Department (Director of Human Resources or designee); three (3) Department Directors (on a rotating basis); and one (1) employee from each of seven (7) EEO categories represented by the Committee. The Committee meets at least once each quarter, or more frequently as determined by the Human Resources Department. For more information, please go to http://www.sanantonio.gov/hr/employee_relations/management.asp.

Liaison: Renee Frieda - (210) 207-4488

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Mr. ALFREDO ALEMANOther02/01/200509/30/2011
Ms. JOE ANGELOOther09/01/201209/30/2013
Mr. OGDEN D. CHAMBERLAINOther  09/30/2011
Ms. ALMA CUNNINGHAMOther02/01/200509/30/2011
Ms. DORA J. FLORESOther02/08/200609/30/2011
Mr. FRANCISCO GOMEZOther  09/30/2011
Mr. RICHARD GONZALEZOther  09/30/2011
Mr. GERARDO "JERRY" GONZALEZOther02/01/200509/30/2011
Mr. ROBERT HERNANDEZOther02/01/200509/30/2011
Ms. TERESA LIVENGOODOther09/01/200909/30/2011
Mr. DAVID MCCARYOther08/01/200909/30/2011
Ms. NIKKI RAMOSOther02/01/200509/30/2011
Ms. A. J. RODRIGUEZOther02/01/200509/30/2011
Ms. ROSA ROSALESOther02/01/200509/30/2011
Mr. DION SANDOVALOther02/08/200609/30/2011
Ms. PAULA STALLCUPOther08/01/200909/30/2011
Mr. XAVIER URRUTIAOther09/01/200909/30/2011
Mr. ISMAEL "BUDDY" VILLEJOOther  09/30/2011
Mr. MOISES ZUNIGAOther02/08/200609/30/2011

Total Members for Employee Management Committee: 23 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version