Airport Advisory Commission

The Airport Advisory Commission (AAC) is comprised of 19 members appointed by City Council at-large for staggered two-year terms. Membership on the AAC includes representation from the following: three (3) Aviation industry to include, but not limited to, representatives from the Military, Commercial Airlines, National Air Transportation Association, National Business Aircraft Association, Aircraft Manufacturers, Private Aircraft Pilots, and Airline Pilots Association; six (6) Community Representatives to include a minimum of four (4) neighborhood associations from neighborhoods located near the Airport, each representing a different association; two (2) Travel and Tourism Industry Representatives; four (4) Business Community Representatives to include one (1) local Chamber of Commerce representative; one (1) Taxi Cab Industry Representative; one (1) Airport Business - Lessee; one (1) Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) Representative; and one (1) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Representative. The purpose of the AAC is to advise the City's Aviation Director on policies affecting the City's airports and air transportation initiatives. Meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month at 3:30 PM at the San Antonio International Airport, Terminal 1, Mezzanine Conference Room. For more information, please go to

Liaison: Nicole Fowles - (210) 207-1666

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Dr. H. NORMAN ABRAMSONAt Large04/12/201203/18/2016
Mr. GEORGE D. ALVAAt Large04/12/201203/18/2016
Mr. MARCO A. BARROSAt Large03/19/200903/18/2016
Mr. TED E. DAVISAt Large09/12/201303/18/2015
Mr. DANIEL J. DECKERAt Large09/12/201303/18/2015
Mr. MARK R. FESSLERAt Large04/12/201203/18/2016
Ms. MARSHA B. HENDLERAt Large03/19/200903/18/2015
Mr. ROBERT L. HENDRICKSAt Large06/19/201403/18/2015
Mr. LESLIE A. HOBGOODAt Large04/01/201003/18/2016
Mr. TRACY HUFF (RESIGNED)At Large04/17/201403/18/2015
Mr. EARL JACKSONAt Large02/03/201103/18/2016
Ms. MAUREEN MCCANNAt Large10/11/201203/18/2016
Mr. TODD M. POSTAt Large03/19/200903/18/2015
Mr. D. BRUCE SMITHAt Large09/12/201303/18/2015
Mr. MARK A. TAFOLLAAt Large04/17/201403/18/2016
Ms. SANDRA L. TAYLORAt Large03/19/200903/18/2015
Mr. TIMOTHY J. TREVINOAt Large08/07/201403/18/2015
Mr. ROBERTO C. TREVINO (RESIGNED)At Large09/12/201303/18/2016
Mr. LOREN GERALD WOODAt Large03/19/200903/18/2015

Total Members for Airport Advisory Commission: 19 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version