Convention and Visitors Commission

The Convention and Visitors Commission is comprised of 27 members appointed by the City Council for two-year terms as follows: six (6) representing the San Antonio Hotel/Motel Association; one (1) each representing the San Antonio Restaurant Association, Paseo Del Rio Association, Market Square, San Antonio Tourism Council, and the San Antonio Sports; one (1) Airline Representative; one (1) Taxicab Industry Representative; one (1) Mayoral appointee; two (2) representing Theme Parks; two (2) representing the Arts and Cultural Community; three (3) representing local Chambers of Commerece and four (4) representing the General Community. Two (2) members of the City Council serve as ex-officio members. The Commission assists the respective Directors in establishing measurable objectives for the Alamodome, Convention Facilities, and Convention and Visitors Bureau. It also evaluates the effectiveness of current and proposed programs, and advises in the preparation of the departmental budgets. Regularly scheduled meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every other month at 9:30 AM in the Convention & Visitors Bureau Main Conference Room on the Second Floor of the International Center, 203 South St. Mary’s. For more information, please visit

Liaison: Javier Vasquez - (210) 207-6861

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Councilmember ROBERTO C. TREVINOMayoral12/11/201505/31/2017
Councilmember REBECCA J. VIAGRANMayoral10/03/201305/31/2017
Mr. LARRY S. ANTHISAt Large06/07/201205/31/2017
Mr. JOHN WILLIAM BOULOUBASISAt Large06/13/201305/31/2017
Mr. HENRY BRUNAt Large10/29/200905/31/2017
Ms. CHRISTAL A. CAMPBELLAt Large10/22/201505/31/2017
Ms. DIANE L. CENTENOAt Large10/09/201405/31/2017
Mr. MICHAEL CORTEZAt Large10/13/200505/31/2017
Mr. GEOFFREY WILLIAM CRABTREEAt Large06/13/201305/31/2017
Ms. PATRICIA FRANKAt Large06/13/201305/31/2017
Mr. RUDY D. GARZAAt Large10/22/201505/31/2017
Mr. WILLIAM F GRINNANAt Large06/13/201305/31/2017
Mr. JOHNNY HERNANDEZAt Large06/01/200605/31/2017
Mr. JUSTIN R. HOLLEYAt Large06/13/201305/31/2017
Ms. VANESSA LACOSS HURDAt Large10/22/201505/31/2017
Ms. MARIA A. MARTINEZAt Large10/22/201505/31/2017
Mr. FRANK J. MICELIAt Large10/29/200905/31/2017
Ms. TAMMY L. PEACOCK-WERLINEAt Large10/22/201505/31/2017
Mr. WILLIAM RICHARD PETRELLAAt Large06/13/201305/31/2017
Mr. WILLIAM DAVIS PHILLIPSAt Large11/01/200705/31/2017
Mr. BOB RAYMONDAt Large10/13/200505/31/2017
Mr. ROBERTO R. RODRIGUEZAt Large10/22/201505/31/2017
Mr. RON STINSONAt Large11/01/200705/31/2017
Mr. TIMOTHY E. SULLIVANAt Large10/22/201505/31/2017
Mr. WILLIAM NEAL THURMANAt Large01/08/201505/31/2017
Mr. KHAVISCHAL A. TIWARIAt Large06/13/201305/31/2017
Mr. JOHN R. WALLACEAt Large05/05/201105/31/2017

Total Members for Convention and Visitors Commission: 27 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version