Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC)

The Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) is comprised of 11 members appointed at-large by the City Council for two-year terms from the following categories: School District; Public Transit; College & University; Neighborhood Association; Workforce Development and Capacity Building; Small Business Assistance; Environment; Non-profit Developer/Service Provider; Real Estate/Development; Financial Services; and Non-profit Housing Provider. The CDAC is responsible for implementing the Strategic Plan for Community Development with the following three major elements: Reinvestment Planning, Coordinating City Resources, and Leveraging Private Sector Investment. CDAC builds relationships with community partners, proposes policy changes regarding community development, and provides recommendations to City Council.

Liaison: Patrick Howard - (210) 207-7950

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Ms. CHRISTINA MARIE CASTANOAt Large12/04/200805/31/2011
Dr. CHRISTINE DRENNONAt Large12/04/200805/31/2011
Ms. JENNIFER MARIE GONZALEZAt Large12/04/200805/31/2011
Mr. DARNELL MCLAURINAt Large01/21/201005/31/2011
Mr. IGNACIO A. PEREZAt Large12/04/200805/31/2011
Mr. J. OSCAR RAMIREZAt Large01/15/200905/31/2011
Mr. RICHARD "DICK" B. ROWEAt Large10/29/200905/31/2011
Mr. STEVEN K. SANOAt Large12/04/200805/31/2011
VACANCYAt Large   
VACANCYAt Large   
VACANCYAt Large   

Total Members for Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC): 11 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version