Citizen Advisory Action Board

The San Antonio Police Department is asking for any residents interested in serving the community to apply for the Chief’s Advisory Action Board (CAAB). As part of the Police Executive Research Forum study, the group recommended a change in the composition and appointment of the board. This change would result in a balance between the rights of the accused officers and the interests of the community the department is meant to protect. As a result, the San Antonio Police Officers Association and the San Antonio Police Department agreed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement that the board will be comprised of 7 appointees selected from a panel of fourteen (14) members. Seven uniformed employees will also serve on the Board. The Collective Bargaining Agreement was passed by Mayor and City Council in May 2010. There will be opportunities to rotate citizens on the Board. Members of the board of the Advisory Action Board will be required to attend the Chief’s Advisory Action Board (CAAB) meetings in the conference room located within the Internal Affairs Office. Meeting frequency is dependent on the caseload but could occur bi-weekly. Additionally, they will be required to prepare for the meetings by reviewing the cases that will be discussed and voted on during the course of the meetings. During the board meetings, the members will hear a detailed briefing of the various cases that are on the agenda by their respective investigator and will also have the opportunity to question the complainants as well as the accused officers, if the complainants and/or officers choose to attend the meetings. The board members will then be given the opportunity to cast a secret ballot on how the case should be disposed of. If the case is sustained by a majority, the members will have a second vote to determine a recommended discipline. Members should be aware that their decisions are only recommendations, and the final decision on the various cases under investigation will be made by the Chief of Police. For additional information please contact

Liaison: Michael W. Mosley - (210) 207-7781

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Mr. FRANK G. ANAYAOther04/28/200512/15/2014
Mr. JOE GILBERT CANDIAOther03/03/200512/15/2014
Mr. ROLAND F. GONZALESOther06/20/201306/19/2015
Ms. ROSA MARIA GONZALEZOther12/16/201212/15/2014
Mr. CLAUDE D. HESTEROther12/16/201012/15/2014
Dr. CHARLES H. HOODOther12/16/201012/15/2014
Mrs. LAUREN M. LEFTON RESNEKOther06/20/201306/19/2015
Ms. GLENDA RAICHLEN (RESIGNED)Other12/16/201012/15/2014
Mr. WILLIAM SMITHOther06/20/201306/19/2015
Ms. ELEANOR K. SPROWLOther12/16/201012/15/2014
VACANCYOther  12/15/2014
VACANCYOther  05/31/2015
Ms. BARBARA DEE VILLARRUBIAOther06/20/201306/19/2015
Ms. GENE KALMANS VINSONOther12/16/201212/15/2014
Mr. FREDERICK J. WILLIAMSOther12/16/201012/15/2014

Total Members for Citizen Advisory Action Board: 14 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version